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Meriasennus is a specialist company operating in the field of
marine electrical installations for all kinds of vessels, for luxury
cruisers, cargo ships, navy units, and oil production platforms.
Established in 1998 on a co-operative basis,
the company has become a supplier to all major shipyards in Finland.


Meriasennus is an employee-owned company with a slim organisation, a concentrated focus and a solid track record, including new constructions, upgrades, and renovation
projects of existing vessels.

The company employs a team of 40 qualified marine electricians. All of them are seasoned professionals and craftsmen, competent and capable of carrying out a multitude of demanding assignments.

Seaworthy, shipshape and safe

The expertise, competence and work experience of Meriasennus cover the whole range of marine
electrical applications according to exacting international standards and approved installation practices.

Power generation and supply systems
◗ Transformers, switchboards and controls
◗ Cables, wiring and optical fibres
◗ Communication and alarm systems
◗ Electricity distribution and lighting installations
◗ Ventilation systems
◗ Cargo and stowage room installations
◗ Elevators
◗ Other electrical equipment and peripherals
◗ Electrical propulsion systems
◗ Battery rooms
◗ Navigation and signalling lights
◗ Emergency lighting and power systems.

Meriasennus has also been contracted to a number of inland construction projects including shopping centers, restaurant facilities and shopping malls.
We take pride in our record of delivering dependable, high quality work within an agreed schedule at competitive prices..


◗ Carnival Paradise, Cruise vessel, 1998 Kvaerner Masa-Yards

◗ Arcticaborg, Ice breaker, 1998 Kvaerner Masa-Yards

◗ Antarcticaborg, Ice breaker, 1998 Kvaerner Masa-Yards

◗ Hapag Lloyd, Europa Cruise vessel, 1998 Kvaerner Masa-Yards

◗ Costa Atlantica, Cruise vessel, 2000 Kvaerner Masa-Yards

◗ Carnival Spiri,t Cruise vessel, 2001 Kvaerner Masa-Yards

◗ Carnival Pride, Cruise vessel, 2001 Kvaerner Masa-Yards

◗ Tallink Romantika, Passenger ferry, 2002 Aker Finnyards

◗ Costa Mediterranea, Cruise vessel, 2003 Kvaerner Masa-Yards

◗ Carnival Miracle, Cruise vessel, 2003 Kvaerner Masa-Yards

◗ Tallink Victoria, Passenger ferry, 2004 Aker Finnyards

◗ Birka Paradise, Cruise vessel, 2004 Aker Finnyards

◗ Color Fantasy, Cruise vessel, 2005 Aker Finnyards

◗ Enchantment of the Seas, Cruise vessel, refitting 2005 Aker Finnyards

◗ Freedom of the Seas, Cruise vessel, 2006 Aker Finnyard

◗ M/S Galaxy, Cruise ferry,  2006 Aker Finnyards

◗ Baltic Princess,   Cruise ferry,  2006 Aker Finnyards

◗ M/S Star,  Cruise ferry,  2007 Aker Finnyards

◗ Color Magic,   Cruise ferry,  2007 STX Europe

◗ Liberty of the Seas Cruise ship, 2007 STX Europe

◗ Viking XPRS,   Cruise ferry,  2008 STX Europe

◗ Independence of the Seas Cruise ship, 2008 STX Europe

◗ Superspeed 1, Cruise ferry,  2008 STX Europe

◗ Superspeed 2,  Cruise ferry,  2008 STX Europe

◗ Baltic Queen,   Cruise ferry,  2009 STX Europe

◗ Oasis of the Seas Cruise ship, 2009  STX Europe

◗ Allure of the Seas Cruise ship, 2010  STX Europe

◗ Spirit of Britain Cruise ferry,  2011 STX Finland

◗ Spirit of France Cruise ferry,  2012 STX Finland

◗ S.A. Agulhas II Arctic research vessel,  2012 STX Finland

◗ Vitus Bering Ice Breaker,  2012 STX Europe

◗ Aleksei Chirikov Ice Breaker, 2013  STX Europe

◗ M/S Viking Grace Cruise ferry, 2013  STX Finland

◗ Mein Shiff 3 Cruise ship, 2014 STX Finland

◗ Turva Naval vessel, 2014 STX Finland

◗ Baltika Ice Breaker,  2014 Arctech

◗ Mein Siff 4 Cruise ship, 2015 Meyer Turku

◗ Murmansk Ice Breaker  2016 Arctech,

◗ Polaris Ice Breaker, 2016  Arctech

◗ Mein Shiff 5 Cruise ship, 2016 Meyer Turku

◗ Tallink Mega Star Cruise ferry,  2017 Meyer Turku

◗ Captain Nevelskoy Ice Breaker,  2017 Arctech

◗ Mein Shiff 6 Cruise ship, 2017 Meyer Turku

◗ Mein Shiff 1 Cruise ship, 2018 Meyer Turku

◗ Mein Shiff 2 Cruise ship, 2019 Meyer Turku

◗ Costa Smeralda Cruise ship, 2019 Meyer Turku

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